About Saunsea

Who is Saunsea?

I am a lover of wisdom and seek to unearth the highest potential of what we can achieve together as the human family if we learn to live with a fullness of unconditional love, compassion, peace, trust and generosity in our lives.

I have walked 1000+ miles as a pilgrim on two separate occasions, and 400+ miles on 3 other instances. I would attribute spending months at a time simply walking as experiences which has had a most profound influence on the way I see life and existence.

My life's mission is to contribute towards the reconnection of the human family. I believe that the many problems we see in the world: extreme poverty; wars and violence; environmental destruction and so on... are symptoms of a broken relationship. As we learn how to live rightly in relationship with ourselves, we will truly have the foundation necessary to solve problems and move forward towards a beautiful future together.

There are 3 key areas I focus my work and attention which I believe are crucial: contemplation to discover greater peace within our lives, technology to give us the tools for connecting, communicating and improving lives and art for inspiring the creative spirit deep within every human being.

Every product or service I create or provide is a free gift I hope will bring some benefit to others and the world. I will never require a fee for anything I may do to serve you; however, if you would like to give to support my life and work, please click here.